Butterfly Massage Class in July – Sept

16 06 2008

Butterfly Massage is coming your way, come in pairs and learn to do this light-touch therapy on your loved ones ….
For more information on what Butterfly Massage can do for you, click here

The dates are:

23 August 2008 – Chinese class 2pm-430pm

27 September – English class 2pm-430pm

Venue: Lapis Lazuli Light ( for registration, please contact them )

New!! Address : No. 83, Pheng Geck Avenue
Singapore 348270
[View our location map here]
Telephone : (65) 6337 5183
New!! Fax : (65) 6287 0957
Email : lllsing@singnet.com.sg

Welcome to Palm Centric

15 01 2008

Welcome to Palm Centric.

Essentially, this space is to introduce alternative therapy work that uses light touch using the palm or fingers. My work is primarily in therapy work as well as empowering my clients through self help class. I practise both techniques below:

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Shin was discovered by Master Jiro Murai in 1900s. It utilises 26 safety energy locks in the body to bring balance and harmony. Master Jiro Murai was his own testimony. It cured him of his chronic illness and thereafter, he has been tirelessly sharing this art with the world. In 1950s, This Art was passed to Mary Burmeister and she brought it back to the United States of America.

Gentle-Bio Energetics

This work involves :

  • healing pre-verbal experiences from conception through age two;
  • restoring energy flow from unconscious experiences including surgery, illness, or injury;
  • recovering from trance states resulting from physical, sexual, and drug abuse.

For more details, please refer to the categories on the top right hand column.

Love, Sylvia

E: Sylvia@palmcentric.com